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General Information

General Information


East View Academy is a public therapeutic day school designed to provide an academic curriculum with intensive behavioral and emotional supports. The purpose of the school is to provide educational services in a highly structured small group special education setting. These services are for kindergarten through twelfth grade students who display behavioral, emotional, or other disabilities that interfere with their school achievement, classroom behavior, social skills, and/or relationships with others and who have experienced lack of success in general education and less restrictive settings.

Program Goals

  • To assist students in acquiring appropriate classroom and social behaviors with the goal of returning to general education or less restrictive settings.
  • To provide academic instruction to maximize academic achievement at the student’s appropriate level.
  • To help students develop age-appropriate social and life skills to function successfully in school, at home, and in the community.
  • To assist families to better understand their child.

Entrance Criteria

  • Determination of special education eligibility and the school-based IEP team’s recommendation.
  • Data that documents a history of school problems related to behavior and/or emotional issues causing lack of success in the current educational placement.
  • Data that documents functional behavior assessment and behavior interventions developed and implemented over time and evidence that those interventions have not been successful in the current placement.
  • A determination by the school-based IEP team that the student’s needs cannot be met in a less restrictive program.

Exit Criteria

  • A student may exit East View Academy when behavioral data gathered by East View Academy staff indicates that adequate progress has been made to consider a change in placement.
  • A student may exit East View Academy based upon the IEP team’s recommendation that the student enter a less restrictive program.
  • Students will exit East View Academy upon acceptance of a high school diploma or reaching the age of 22.
  • A student will exit East View Academy upon the determination that he/she is no longer eligible for special education services.
  • A student may exit the East View Academy if the parent chooses to discontinue services.

Positive Behavior Support

At East View Academy, the team strives to teach students essential skills across all school settings in order to help them be successful in school and in life.  Students are taught how to demonstrate what it means to:
  • Be Respectful - show courtesy and cooperation
  • Be Accountable - take ownership for behavior, actions, and consequences
  • Make Right Choices - make positive decisions that are good for the student and for others                             
As students learn and put into practice the characteristics of what it means to Be Respectful, To Make Right Choices, and Be Accountable, students will be reinforced and recognized for their behavior and choices throughout the school year.